Ye Kyung Jung
Digital Design and Branding
Monday Mansion
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Project Description

"Monday" symbolises the start of a week, signifying new beginnings and vibrant energy. It represents embracing each week's start positively and fostering a mindset to enjoy new experiences, even after retirement. "Mansion" means encountering new communities (people), engaging in communication, and collectively exploring and growing various aspects of life. At Monday Mansion, you'll find a diverse range of communities, from book clubs to gardening enthusiasts, all ready to welcome you. Monday Mansion is here to support you in your new beginnings. We are not just a brand. We are a community. A community where you can discover and build a new home, new relationships, new hobbies, and a new sense of self. Our services and resources are just the beginning. The heart of Monday Mansion is our supportive community, where people connect, share experiences and inspire each other to improve their lifestyles. We care about various options for individuals who want to reinvent their lives, allowing everyone to pursue their unique lifestyle within this supportive, encouraging community. Monday Mansion's slogan, 'Create New Horizons', is more than just a phrase. It is a call to action, a promise of new possibilities and experiences. It is about pushing beyond our current boundaries, designing and developing unique moments, and opening new horizons of life. The Monday Mansion community is a place where we come together to explore these new possibilities, enriching each other's lives and empowering ourselves to create the life we have always dreamed of.