Henrique Baptista da Silva
Digital Design BSc
Bear Boned
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

Objectives: - Develop a distinct brand identity for Bear Boned that resonates with skateboarders and fun-loving individuals. - Design and produce a catalogue featuring innovative skateboard designs and merchandise that reflect the brand's ethos. - Devise a comprehensive marketing strategy to promote Bear Boned and build a strong community around the brand. - Create a dynamic and user-friendly website to serve as the central hub for Bear Boned's online presence, offering a skateboard and merchandise shop and event announcements with RSVP. Key Deliverables: 1.Brand Book 2.Catalogue 3.Marketing Strategy Presentation 4.Website Unique Selling Point: Bear Boned distinguishes itself by more than just being a brand; it serves as a catalyst for building a vibrant skateboarding community. Proceeds from skateboard and merchandise sales fund innovative events, parties, and trips aimed at fostering connections and camaraderie among skateboarders and enthusiasts. Emphasising inclusivity, Bear Boned welcomes anyone with a passion for skateboarding or a zest for life to join its community and participate in its activities. Conclusion: The Bear Boned project represents a holistic approach to creating a skateboarding brand that goes beyond selling products. By focusing on community-building and fostering connections, Bear Boned aims to carve its niche in the skateboarding industry and leave a lasting impact on its audience. Through innovative branding, engaging marketing strategies, and a dynamic online presence, Bear Boned seeks to inspire and unite skateboarders around the world, creating a thriving community fuelled by passion and creativity.