Arran Monet
Industrial Design and Technology BA
ErgoGrip Pullup Bar
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Project Description

The NHS, Chief medical officer guidelines and the CDC Centre for Disease Control and Prevention all agree on the same principles on recommended weekly fitness requirements:- Do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous cardiovascular intensity activity a week AND Do Strengthening activities that work all the major muscle groups on at least 2 days a week. Only 1 in 4 people achieve the recommended 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise, although more alarmingly, only 1 in 20 people achieve the recommended strength training activities. Many are surprised to realise that the 150 minutes isn’t inclusive of cardio and strength training. This vast gap in meeting the guidelines showed an opportunity I want to help address. Vertical pulling exercises are the least performed but most beneficial exercise when it comes to improving overall strength, correcting muscular imbalances and improving posture. Current pullup bars on the market fall short of addressing individual needs when performing this exercise so I created ErgoGrip, the Worlds first adjustable pullup bar. Its ergonomic handles allow a comfortable and secure grip when holding which can be moved into place depending on each individual body type for a safe and more natural alignment. The repetition counter counts the number of pullups performed which promotes adherence by displaying daily stats and weekly targets. Its foldable design ensures easy storage when not in use and the colour coded interaction points show users where they can adjust, move, hold and select options.