Wilfred Memmott
Industrial Design and Technology BA
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Project Description

With the rise of global temperatures and a growing population water is becoming increasingly scarce. The United Nations predict that 50 countries will face water shortages by 2025. Showers account for 25-30% of domestic water use and 39% of hot water use. Shortening your shower by 5 minutes can save between 25-100 litres. The Aquatine system aims to reduce the amount of water wasted by taking excessively long showers whilst providing support for complex shower routines such as cold, staggered and hair care shower routines. The main unique selling points for Aquatine are its ability to itemise the water usage of a household using user profiles and setting up custom segmented shower routines. The system features a waterproof in-shower display, an in-line shower monitor and a companion app. The app is used to connect the system, set up user profiles and routines as well as track monthly water usage and expenditure. It shows how much water each person in a household uses in order to help enforce a change towards more sustainable behaviour. The in-line shower monitor measures the flow rate and temperature of the shower and starts and stops the routine timer. The in-shower display is where the user profile and routine can be selected before the shower routine is visualised on the screen. After a full day of use the app displays the shower water usage behaviour of a household and can provide recommendations for how to reduce it. This includes an option to automatically reduce all shower routines available on the system by a certain percentage.