Usman Khan
Integrated Product Design MSc
Roberts Rambler Turntable
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Project Description

This Roberts Rambler inspired turntable is a fusion of timeless British design and modern audio technology. Drawing inspiration from the rugged simplicity and utilitarian design of World War II-era equipment, this turntable embodies the spirit of resilience and innovation. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this turntable combines quality craftsmanship with cutting-edge innovation, based on Roberts’ core principles. With Bluetooth connectivity, enjoy the convenience of wireless streaming, allowing you to effortlessly pair your favourite devices and indulge in your entire music library. Equipped with a built-in preamplifier, this turntable offers versatility and compatibility with a wide range of audio systems. Whether you're connecting to powered speakers, amplifiers, or receivers, experience seamless integration and exceptional sound quality. Enhancing both functionality and style, the turntable includes a Rambler inspired silicone slipmat. This slipmat not only continues the iconic Rambler grille on the turntable face, but also provides a smooth surface for your vinyl records, ensuring optimal playback performance. Designed for stability and performance, the turntable features sorbothane legs that absorb vibrations and minimize distortion. This innovative design element ensures that your listening experience remains undisturbed by external interference, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the rich sound of your favourite records. With its blend of vintage charm and modern capabilities, this Roberts Rambler inspired turntable is a statement piece for any audiophile or design enthusiast, valuing a brand with strong roots in British heritage.