Michael Faria Ribeiro
Industrial Design and Technology BA
Boxing Made Simpler With Tech
Picture of current MIB team

Project Description

The Drill Mat app, with its intuitive and user-friendly interface, will focus on coaching familiar boxing techniques, such as the Jab or hook, in a variety of boxing combinations for different boxing abilities, whether the user is a beginner or a veteran. It will effectively prepare them for the sport's challenges while incorporating safety tips to prevent injuries. Our app stands out with its innovative features. It includes weekly updated combat sequences to keep it feeling new. But what truly sets it apart is the future integration of Artificial Intelligence into the sequences, allowing users to generate their own combat sequences. This advanced technology enhances the user's experience and keeps them engaged. Other Features include Scheduling boxing classes with a personal trainer, a timer for practising the speed and precision of punches within a time limit and conditioning, which allows users to focus on their cardiovascular health. When users first access the app, they are asked to create a profile, which allows them to store their personal information, preferences, and progress. This makes it easy to contact users via their chosen email and access the information on a different device. After creating an account, users can access it with their phone using an iris scanner, fingerprint sensor, PIN, or password, depending on their sign-in preference. The app was designed in collaboration with RCL DESIGN. LTD is designed for their product, so the app style and colour are based on the drill mat.