Made in Brunel — Redefining [ ]

Hi, everyone!

We’re back! And this year, we are Redefining [                ]


As designers, we aim to redefine every project we undertake. We constantly question everything, make new definitions, and look at everything we do with a fresh outlook. Just like us, the blank space in our tagline represents the opportunity to challenge the norm, and produce some unique and innovative things.

For Made in Brunel, this year we plan to redefine so many aspects of what we do. Don’t worry, the Made in Brunel you know and love isn’t going anywhere – we’re just growing and adapting to give us, and you, the best opportunities possible.

The first of many very exciting announcements throughout the year will happen in December, regarding our annual pop-up event. This is a complete overhaul and has been truly redefined, and we think you’re going to love it!

Until then,

The Made in Brunel team

New Website is live!

After months of working on new brand guidelines and applying them to online content, we are proud to finally show off our new website. It is built on the newest web standards, is fully responsive to look great on all screen sizes and it deeply integrated with social media. We hope you like it as much as we do!