Event; Our MiB Pop-Up Show

Made in Brunel is giving you a little teaser before our big end-of-year showcase; you are invited to come along to the Hoxton Arches on March 19th – 30th and see some of the projects our designers are working on in our temporary exhibition of “Responsible Futures”.

The annual pop-up acts as an interim show for our year group but is also a platform to present our individual brand to both industry and the public. From Sketch Café (2016) and Ideas Factory (2018) encouraging creativity, to A Private View (2017) at the brand-new Design Museum venue, the pop-up is our chance to show the world who we are ahead of the final graduate showcase in June.

This year our Level 3 students are looking ahead to how we can effect positive change through our work as designers. Our undergraduates are in a position to influence lifestyles as well as perceptions; we are no longer prepared to accept business-as-usual.

We therefore invite you to our pop-up from 29th-30th March at Hoxton Arches to look at some of our projects, think about how attitudes are shifting the world over and explore our role within the future of design. The event will revolve around 3 main themes; environmental sustainability, health and wellbeing, and social change. Expect to see a diverse selection of projects on their way to becoming brilliant finished products, and expect to get interactive!

We would love for you to join us from 6-9pm on Friday 29th March for a private view, including guest speakers from Brunel, light refreshments, student work and interactive exhibitions. We will be open to the public on the 30th March from 10am until 5pm.

The future of design is fast approaching; we hope to see you there.

Contextual; Connecting With Culture – Will A Location Independent Lifestyle Really Allow You To Experience The World?

With the number of digital nomads predicted to rise to 1 billion people by 2035 (Levels, 2015), there will be even more remote digital workers wandering the globe. However, will escaping the 9-5 really live up to expectations?

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Made in Brunel : Final Show

14/06/18 – 17/06/18

On the 14th-17th of June, Made in Brunel will be back at the OXO Bargehouse for our Final Showcase. The event will be a public exhibition, taking you on a journey through our experience at Brunel. Expect to see a range of products, services and a handful of other design projects produced by this year’s final year students. Remember to save the date, and we’ll see you there!

The Ideas Factory


We are hosting ‘IDEAS Factory’, our annual pop up event at the Oxo tower! Come down to be inspired and create new ideas, fun designs with our Brunel students! Lots of refreshments and things to do! Come along on the 24th March.

24 Hour Design Challenge


Back for another year, Made in Brunel will be hosting this year’s 24 Hour Design Challenge on the 8th February at the University. Starting early that morning, students will participate in a number of Industry design challenges, spread across six 4 hour time slots. In previous years, companies such as Lego, Dyson and Chanel have been involved in setting the briefs. This year we’re excited to reveal the new set of industry projects. If you would like to be involved in a setting a brief, please contact our directors via email @ 1404005@brunel.ac.uk

The Sketch Off 2018


On the 18th January, Made In Brunel will be hosting our first ever ‘Sketch Off’ competition. A group of students from the design course will compete in 4 quick fire sketching challenges, competing to win the title of best sketcher at Brunel. A group of guest judges from the industry will be attending the event, including two product developers from Disney, the design director at Geometry Global, and Brunel Alumni, the founder of tone design consultancy. Top prizes include a set of Copic Markers, a classic Anglepoise lamp & a drawing lightbox. See our Facebook page for more details and for a live stream of the event on the day.

Why don’t students from private schools study design?

Since design and technology stopped being a compulsory GCSE subject in 2000, there has been a decline in the number of students taking D&T at GSCE and A level, now making it one of the most unpopular subjects in secondary schools. Many schools have been cutting back provisions or removing the subject from the curriculum entirely [1].

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How are digital technologies transforming in-store retail within the fashion and cosmetics industries?

Our lives have been inundated with digital technologies in various forms, providing us with vast amounts of content instantly available at our fingertips. More recently within fashion and cosmetics retail, innovations using digital technology have started to pave the way for new methods of interacting with potential purchases, the way we explore a store and how we experience a particular brand.

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The Lights Are Watching You. How Can Lighting Be Used in The New Digital Age of the Internet of Things?

There are cameras everywhere, data is beamed down to everyone through light, big brother can monitor your movements and the kitchen appliances are talking to light fixtures. No, this is not a modern Sci-Fi film, this is the reality of 2016. The emergence of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) has quickly transformed the way we live our day to day lives.

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Prescribing Positivity: How Emotional Design Can Enhance Medical Experiences

Imagine you’re walking through a hospital. Then sitting in the waiting room. Pretty soon you’ll be having your blood pressure taken, or undergoing a similar test with some sort of medical device. What emotions are you experiencing? Are you nervous? Do you feel in control? No? There is a way to change this. Continue reading “Prescribing Positivity: How Emotional Design Can Enhance Medical Experiences”

New Website is live!

After months of working on new brand guidelines and applying them to online content, we are proud to finally show off our new website. It is built on the newest web standards, is fully responsive to look great on all screen sizes and it deeply integrated with social media. We hope you like it as much as we do!