Made in Brunel is a student led collaborative platform focused on showcasing good design from Brunel University London. It is an opportunity for great students to show their skill to the world with events and publications, culminating in our annual exhibition in June, located in central London.

We feel that this year, Made in Brunel is going to be something truly special — and it is wonderful to be part of this story.


A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist.
— Buckminster Fuller

As Made in Brunel is a student led initiative, it allows each yearly edition to be exactly what the students make it to be. It is a platform to accurately represent every single one of the individual designers who unite as Made in Brunel. As final year students we are closer to the end of this multi-faceted journey — which is a process, an educational program and a definition of who the next generation of designers will be. We hope that Made in Brunel is and will remain an inspiration for those who have and will embark upon this journey of Brunel Design.

Throughout a yearlong program, we hold a number of events in collaboration with industry, allowing those involved a chance to work on live briefs with real outcomes. We promote ourselves externally by exposing our work through social media, “Pop up” events and a series of talks. This all culminates at the end of our final year at the Made in Brunel exhibition, giving us a chance to meet with all interested parties, and discuss our insights, process and unique perspective.

Collaborative design with industry experts is a key part of what we want to achieve, so we are looking to run a series of social events with professionals to boost skills and generate ideas. If you are interested in working with any of our students, get in touch.

The Team


Holly Birkin


Emilios Farrington-Arnas


Sophie Bowers

Communications Manager

Alex Clark

Brand Manager

Agi Guz

Publications Manager

Olivia Chandler

Publications Manager

Toby Rix

Visual Arts Manager

Matt Rowe

Web Manager

Samuel Gwilt

Social Media Manager

Eryk Jeziorski

Social Media Manager

Sarah Harley

Event Manager

Jacob Moore

Event Manager

Sophie Copley

Marketing Manager

Anna Palgan

Innovation Manager