Since 2006 Made in Brunel has been the student led showcase of creativity from Brunel’s designers, engineers and innovators

What we do

Through the running of a series of industry evenings, networking events and workshops we develop strong links between students and professionals that create a gateway for graduates into the workplace.

Our annual exhibition in June, located in central London, coincides with launch of the Made in Brunel book; a record of the work from Brunel University’s most inspiring thinkers.

Only the Beginning

This year we are focussing on how our learning experience at Brunel has prepared us for our future endeavours. Being taught by professionals and working with clients has given us a foundation to build our careers upon, providing us with the necessary skills and knowledge to make our mark.

The theme reflects our belief that graduating from Brunel is not the ultimate accomplishment but is Only the Beginning.

The team

Jo Barnard

Managing Director

Whether it be enabling you to achieve something you previously couldn’t, bringing a smile to her face, or helping him feel less self-conscious about his differences, I design because I want to make change.

Rob Bye

Managing Director

Making stuff, having ideas, researching problems and creating together is always a whole lot of fun. But to me the core of Design is to make a difference with a lasting impression.

Rhian Bache

Events Manager

I design products users not only need but love. As long as someone somewhere thinks my design has made a difference to them then all the work that has gone into it is worthwhile.

Rob Millar

Marketing Manager

I design to change the rules, redefine the norm and settle for nothing less than perfection. Design allows me to channel creativity and passion into making the impossible possible.

George Smart

Brand Manager

I design because it matters. Design gives us the ability to change the world we live in, and ultimately the future.

Charlotte Hickey

Communications Manager

I design to create experiences. We are constantly interacting with products and environments, and it intrigues me to see people do just this. Every little detail has a purpose.

Rebecca Ash

Publications Manager

I design to enhance people’s lives. To make a difference by adding personal touches that spark emotion and desire that imprints in the user’s memory forever.

Mario Vassiliades

Web Manager

Design enables us to solve problems innovatively. Without design we would live in a world without personality.@serieseight