This Years All-New Brand

This year, Made in Brunel have commissioned Futures; a new brand to capture the unique values and missions of our designers here at Brunel. To celebrateĀ  such a big new change, we ran a suitably big launch party last night for all of the design students, academics, and technicians.

Last night was the beginning of a new era.

The evening began with socialising, music, and free food. Designers from all year groups took the chance to meet more of their course mates, and us, the MiB team. It brought the whole of the design department closer together.

A range of activities were set up to entertain our guests and colleagues. The most popular of which was our photobooth (complete with novelty design props and inflatable workshop equipment), our life-size Jonny Ive (unfortunately the real one hadn’t checked his emails so was unable to come, but he would have wanted to be there), and an interactive values board that everyone was able to play with (the outcome is a work of art, and I’m sure you will be seeing more of it in the future).

Then, the countdown began. 30 minutes on the clock that was projected on our largest wall above everyone’s heads.

5 minutes to go until the brand is unveiled to everyone at the event, and all of the MiB staff too their positions.

2 minutes. Our Directors, Bethany Wale and Bradley Godbold, thanked everyone for their support, the turn out, and the work put in to make this a success, including the wonderful Digital Design team, and the relentless technicians who helped up us with the physical building of the event.

10 seconds left on the clock and the crowds eyes are fixated on the display, chanting down the last few seconds in unison.

The video starts, the brand is revealed, and there are cheers echoing through the building.

I think that means we did a good job.