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Made in Brunel Achieving Success Lunchtime Lecture Series

Written by Rory Southworth, April 1st 2014

Proving that we don’t just focus on design, Made in Brunel ran two lunchtime lectures on “Achieving Success”. Topics covered included Motivation, by Paul Josse (Mountaineer and Brunel’s Model Making Workshop Technician) and Starting a Company, by David Riley (Entrepreneur and Director of two successful companies as well as Brunel’s Entrepreneur in Residence).

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A Week in Brunel Design - Jo Barnard

Written by Jo Barnard, March 30th 2014

With only 4 weeks left of University, the undeniable panic has left me blind, the noise of Made in Brunel responsibility has deafened me, and the strain of physicalizing my ideas as we approach crunch time has left my body and mind in tatters. OK, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but a design degree isn’t just finger painting and colouring in you know.

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A Week in Brunel Design - Josh Stehr

Written by Josh Stehr, March 26th 2014

Prolonged periods of physical inactivity are proven to increase the risk of weight gain and chronic health problems. Long Haul Truck drivers are one of the most extreme candidates for prolonged sitting and thus my project is focused on alleviating the problems forced upon them by their job.

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